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Algorithmic Trading of Stocks and 100% Inversely Leveraged ETFs

Learn the Advantages with our unique Algorithms.
   Trade - direction-seeking algorithms for less than 10 day average ETF trade lengths.
   Results - proven with pre-published trades and current annual Stock and ETF profits.
   Inverse - ETF pairs trade both directions for 365 days, reduce risk and increase profits.
   Algorithms - seek daily direction for all 100% Inverse ETF Pairs and all Stocks.
   Leisurely - trades at your convenience anytime before the next trading day open.

Investing in Stocks and 100% inversely leveraged ETF pairs with 'Historical Data' proven daily algorithmic decisions, provides a lower-risk strategy. These ETFs trade both directions for 365 days. Developed over 8 years with 3 years of pre-published trades on Historical Data page.
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Monday Jul 22nd 2019
Trading at Tomorrow’s Opening Price.

You will have noticed that trading at tomorrow’s opening price leaves you free to do other important work all day.

You will also notice that when you do a BUY trade at the open, the market will often be down, and you buy at a lower price but by the end of the day you are back to even or in profit.

The reverse often happens when you do a SELL trade. You close out with a higher price but would have sold lower by the end of the day.

This is a result of the rapid entry and rapid exit algorithms and their methods and another result being the average 10-day or less trade length.

The temporary chart RKE to the right has some interesting numbers at the bottom. This represents the 52 original ETFs or 26 pairs since July 11, 2019. I added the winnings at $1,810 and the losses at $752 for a total of $2,562.

In 11 days, we made 71% profit and lost 29%. This is just another very early indicator of decisions made entirely by the current algorithms.

However, we will only be buying currently winning ETFs and should be avoiding those with the losses.

They are very sensitive to potential changes in direction and send out signals with the slightest provocation.

On the other hand, they are historically more often correct than incorrect and that is how they work.

Remember they are totally designed to deliver a decision for tomorrow and not the day after. They must be completely recalculated every day for new decisions.

If you went to a casino with the secret knowledge that red was going to come up 60% of the time, you would be very happy. We are depending on real world happenings and real-world news on each asset individually and not just one decision for each day.

However, the result is similar. You can make one decision and be correct 60% of the time or you can make one thousand decisions and be correct on 60% of them. Either way will eventually give you a positive result.

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