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Algorithms look for BUY and SELL signals every day when all information is available.
Conveniently place signaled orders any time before the next trading-day open.
Direction-seeking algorithms trade leveraged ETFs for average of less than 10 days.
Inverse Correlated ETF Pairs trade both directions, reduce risk and double profits.
Proven published results with latest current annual profits in excess of 50%.

Investing in 95% inversely correlated leveraged ETF pairs with proven algorithmic decisions, provides a lower-risk strategy trading in both directions. Unique mathematical algorithms developed over 8 years have proven performance.

Here is today's blog:
Thursday Mar 21st 2019

Adding Some Color to Yesterday.

I mentioned yesterday that interest rates were not increased by the Fed.

Also, according to various comments, it seems that interest rates may not change for the rest of the year and this produces some other significant possibilities for the future.

(blog continues below chart.)

The markets took a positive view today and produced significant upside moves but the news on interest rates tells many different stories.

The longer-term effect could be negative as the economy is expected to cool for the balance of this year.

Cooling and leveling off would still be positive for the markets but could also threaten them for near as well as longer term. I am reminded of the saying that ‘Markets like to climb a wall of worry’.

This is where we see the greatest benefit to our unique approach to portfolios that can adjust to market conditions almost automatically. Yesterday, I commented on their hedging ability with the inclusion of 2 VIX Index related and 18 Sector related inverse pairs of ETFs.

Volatility usually trades in the opposite direction to general market prices but with limited leverage, it still provides a degree of hedging.

However, our sector pairs are mostly 100% inversely correlated so that a buy signal can perform equally well in up or down markets. They do this by switching sides of these inversely correlated ETF pairs.

Our algorithms are designed precisely to equally perform in either direction and whenever the markets change, you can expect them to quickly switch to follow the latest trend.

You just need to follow the daily signals and make any necessary trades to stay in the best direction. Signals are designed to be followed as a ‘Market Opening Trade’ on the next market date but should be followed soon after the change is published.

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