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Thursday May 23rd 2019

Tariffs and Brexit – Double the Trouble.

Winston Churchill liked Free Trade and Europe working together in a Common Market.

The financial markets looked at both prospects today and decided Winston is no longer running the show.

This on-again, off-again volatility creates conditions for nimble opportunists to be rewarded more so than not-so-nimble predictors of history repeating itself.

We still maintain an average of 1.8 wins for every losing trade since March 1 and winning trades of $2.10 for every losing trade of one dollar.

We need an extra day or two to become established in the opposite direction, but we are not always going to be granted the time that we need.

When markets are frothy and volatility jumps up by 15%, it doesn’t always work in our favor. This is multiplied in the energy sector with multiple leveraged ETFs.

The long weekend ahead of us will see a lot of traders pulling out of the markets so we may also have to forgo a bounce back.

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