Our Focus is: -
"Short-Term Trades in Leveraged 100% Inverse ETF Pairs"

We Make Inversely Correlated Exchange Traded Funds Highly Profitable!

Learn the Advantages with Roebuck Systems
   Trade direction-seeking algorithms for less than 10 days per average trade length.
   Results proven with published trades and current annual profits.
   Inverse ETF pairs trade both directions for 365 days, reduce risk and increase profits.
   Algorithms seek probable direction for 100% Inverse Correlated ETF Pairs.
   Leisurely trades at your convenience anytime before the next trading day open.

Investing in 100% inversely correlated and leveraged ETF pairs with proven algorithmic decisions, provides a low-risk strategy. ETFs trade in both directions for 365-day trading. Unique mathematical algorithms developed over 8 years with pre-published trades for last 3 years on our Historical Data page with proven performance.

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Friday June 14th 2019

Trading in Both Directions.

Inverse ETF pairs eliminate the old short selling method to trade both directions.

These unique 100% inversely correlated ETF pairs have one side that goes up and the opposite side that goes down.

Our algorithms choose up or down and give signals for the next market open.

They have been uniquely developed to choose the expected direction every day for each ETF and we distribute those signals to you each evening for trading.

You will receive all Buy, Sell, Hold or do nothing signals to place trades at your convenience before the next trade day.

You will always know which side to trade, whether itís holding or staying out of positions or whether itís the bullish or bearish ETF.

Reduced risk comes from our algorithms switching sides as the market changes direction.

Higher profit comes from trading in the best direction 365 days a year, and from the leverage offered by these unique Exchange Traded Funds.

Simplicity and convenience both come from our daily updated signals each evening and your ability to place your orders anytime before the next market opening.

This is a rapidly growing market with very high volumes every day, resulting in price spreads in the 1 or 2 cent range.

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