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"Short-Term Trades in Leveraged 100% Inverse ETF Pairs"

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   Trade direction-seeking algorithms for less than 10 days per average trade length.
   Results proven with published trades and current annual profits.
   Inverse ETF pairs trade both directions for 365 days, reduce risk and increase profits.
   Algorithms seek probable direction for 100% Inverse Correlated ETF Pairs.
   Leisurely trades at your convenience anytime before the next trading day open.

Investing in 100% inversely correlated and leveraged ETF pairs with proven algorithmic decisions, provides a low-risk strategy. ETFs trade in both directions for 365-day trading. Unique mathematical algorithms developed over 8 years with pre-published trades for last 3 years on our Historical Data page with proven performance.

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Wednesday June 19th 2019

Stocks Soon Back – Part 2.

If everything works out as planned, stocks will be back on July 1.

We expect to follow the same pattern as the ETF groups and select the 20 Best Stocks. The “10 Best” and “5 Best” will be selected from the 20 Best.

We initially expected to start trading these stocks on July 1 and then begin publishing on August 1, but we were able to start trading on June 17.

This means that stocks will only have 10 trading days of history on July 1 when we normally rollover to the new month; less than we would like but worth doing.

The algorithms are fully back tested for 3 years with the same methods that we use for ETFs. By the end of this week, we will have the presentations for the website, Subscribers and Followers completed.

There has been a great deal of interest in stocks, but our main concern was to develop a better way of selecting which stocks to include.

We now expect to have a continuous ranking system so that each day you will see the complete monthly list of 20 stocks each evening with a column showing “Gain Since 17-Jun”. The 10 Best and 5 Best will be part of this group but also have their own columns.

You can see that these individual stock groups will be presented in the same way that the ETF groups are now shown. Subscribers will see a combination of two independent charts, one for ETF Signals and one for Stock Signals.

ETFs Pairs will always retain one ETF algorithm for trading up and the opposing algorithm for trading down, giving them this unique ability to profit in both directions.

Stock algorithms can only profit from trading up and move to cash in down markets.

Past results have shown that stocks can perform equally as well as ETFs, probably due more to the different trending characteristics, but also due to the selections available.

We have improved our selection process for stocks but may have fewer ‘high flyers’ that have disappointed us in the past.

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