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The first advantage is our algorithms determine all Buy and Sell orders after markets close each day when most information is available. We then send signals out each evening so that all trades can be conveniently entered any time before the next market open. This way, 5-10 minutes is all the time necessary to place those orders if required.

Our second advantage is the gift and benefit of 3x leveraged exchange traded funds. Combining our algorithms with 3x leveraged ETFs multiplies the advantages of both.

But there is a third advantage. Inversely correlated funds that are 3x leveraged, provides the opportunity to seek profits no matter which direction the markets are going.

We constantly review all available US stocks and inverse ETF pairs and publish our groups each month along with individual back-tested charts for each asset in the group.

Our algorithms are the result of research and back-testing since 2011. Any discontinued stocks or ETFs in our groups should be sold on the following market open and replaced by any currently signaled buys.

Here is today's blog:

Monday - Oct 22nd 2018

Politics Can Be a Good Investment.

Oppenheimer & Co and Bloomberg put together this chart showing the average returns for each quarter of the 4-year election cycle since 1929 and it looks like pretty good sailing after these elections.

The 3rd. quarter this year saw the S&P 500 closing at $2,914 and the average return for the 4th. quarter of 6.7% would take us to $3,109 by the end of 2018.

(blog continues below charts)

If we are to believe these averages, we will see a 12% gain from today for the balance of this year.

Who amongst us would not like to participate in this potential party.

So, for the sake of going to the party, I look at our Chart 1x for today and see that since March 5, 2018 the S&P 500 has gained 2.8%.

For the same period, Roebuck Systems average return for all 7 current groups was 61%. Now if we divide 61% by the 2.8% S&P gain, we get a multiple of 21 and continuing the party atmosphere, the 12% gain of the S&P 500 multiplied by our multiple will put our return from today at about 252% by December 31, 2018.

If we assume that this number is an anomaly, we can look at the end of the third quarter just to check it out. Sure enough, the third quarter from Chart 1x on Sep 30, the S&P 500 was up 8.7% and Roebuck Systems average was up 79%, giving us a multiple of 9.

Just as a further check, from Chart 1x after the second quarter, on Jun 29, 2018 the S&P was up 1.4% and our average was up 37%, giving us another different multiple of 26.

Obviously, these second and third quarter numbers cover a wide range. If I average all results together, I get a new multiple of 21+9+26 = 54/3 = 18, and if I multiply the expected 12% S&P 500 gain by 18, our profit from today will be 216%.

Finally, we can calculate all 3 individual results to see the range.

21 x 12% will give us 252% profit.
9 x 12% will give us 108% profit.
26 x 12% will give us 312% profit.

Returning to Chart 1x for today, our annual return for all 7 Roebuck Systems groups since March 5, 2018 is 96% and this in the middle of these difficult Mid-Term elections. My goal for December 31, 2018 is somewhere between our current return of 96% and the high potential of 312% so I will be at the party.

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