Professionally Selected 80% Potential Annual Profit.

Our Investment Manager Group. We continuously research the largest professional Investment Managers around the world to determine the widely held ETFs and Assets in their Portfolios.
We Research Best Correlated ETFs. We use mathematical correlation formulas to match ETFs with at least 95% to 100% correlation to the above professionally selected stock and ETF portfolios.
We Select 3x Leveraged ETFs for Maximum Gain. Leveraged ETFs are re-shuffled every night when Markets close using Options to equal their published leverage for the next Market Open.
Our Premier Group. This group reflects the bullish side of our Pairs Group and our Algorithms signal all Buys and Sells for you on the previous evening to the trade. They result with average returns of 200% to 300% additional annual profit.

1. Professionally Selected Assets = 14% Profit
2. Minimum 95% Correlated ETFs = 13.3% Profit
3. 3x Daily Re-Calculated Leverage = 13.3 x 3 = 39.9% Profit
4. Algorithms Provide 200% Profit Gain = 39.9% x 200% minimum = 80% Annual Profit.

Our Algorithms are the result of research and back-testing since 2011, with one year of back-test charts published for all selected stocks and ETFs. These are updated every month. You can easily move up to all other included Algorithms in all groups listed.

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With Roebuck Systems, you can. Our Booster Investment Program takes you through two simple steps after market close: buy or sell. Whether youíre aggressive or conservative, our trade signals, generated through algorithms, will boost the performance of our recommended stocks and ETFs. Our subscription allows you to maintain diversification in your investment portfolio with our S&P, Nasdaq or ETF and ETF Pairs programs. Earn more of your own money and boost your returns in no time.

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