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Algorithms look for BUY and SELL signals every day after all information is available.
Conveniently place orders any time before the next trading-day opens.
Direction-seeking algorithms trade ETFs for average of less than 10 days per trade.
Inverse Correlated ETF Pairs trade both directions, reduce risk and increase profits.
Proven published results with latest current trades and annual profits listed every day.

Investing in 100% inversely correlated and leveraged ETF pairs with proven algorithmic decisions, provides a lower-risk strategy. ETFs trade in both directions. Unique mathematical algorithms developed over 8 years with pre-published trades for 3 years have proven performance. Previous trades listed on the Historical Data page.

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Wednesday Apr 24th 2019

May will Offer Superior Opportunities.

We may be the first and only service that you have found that offers signals for buying and selling 100% inversely correlated and leveraged ETF pairs.

Our research could not have come at a better time in history.

These specific types of ETFs are about 8 years old on average. This is when I began to research and create mathematically better buying and selling dates for market securities.

It came out of my math and computer experience and my retirement from a career of engineering and management.

Approximately 4 years ago, I changed my attention from stocks to ETFs because of their rapid growth and the variety of underlying assets being offered.

Volatility became my favorite due to its importance in defining market action and I ended up being very impressed with a now defunct VIX Index related ETF under the symbol XIV.

It had a positive roll yield and that may have been a final reason why Credit Suisse and VelocityShares took it off the market in an overnight decision that rocked the markets.

It also had an inverse relationship to the VIX Volatility Index and quickly became a high-volume favorite for traders before its sudden cancellation.

Continuing in the research, the inverse nature of XIV lead us to the rising volumes of inverse and leveraged ETFs and finally to pairs of ETFs that moved in opposing directions.

We finally were in the process of further developing the algorithms when we tested superior results from a very small but very popular group of 100% inverse and leveraged ETF pairs. These were often being used in professional portfolios for hedges.

We had found over time that our algorithms could perform well with stocks and indexes, as well as these relatively new inverse ETFs and best of all, with these new 100% correlated inverse pairs.

Due to the sensitivity and consequent speed of our buy and sell signals, we were finally most impressed with the highly leveraged versions of the ETF pairs as we could easily switch direction between up and down markets. This offers the potential of being in the markets for 365 days a year.

The only time out of the market would be the day or so of indecision when they are close to a reversal or during flat periods when movements are small or out of the news cycle. Long-term ownership is not recommended for this type of asset due to their daily re-balancing costs.

However, that is when performance between this small and unique sector of inverse ETF pairs can all be compared with each other. Switching to the more productive pairs can be introduced at certain times.

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