Our Focus.
The first advantage is our algorithms determine all Buy and Sell orders after markets close each day when most information is available. We then send signals out each evening so that all trades can be conveniently entered any time before the next market open. This way, 5-10 minutes is all the time necessary to place those orders if required.

Our second advantage is the gift and benefit of 3x leveraged exchange traded funds. Combining our algorithms with 3x leveraged ETFs multiplies the advantages of both.

But there is a third advantage. Inversely correlated funds that are 3x leveraged, provides the opportunity to seek profits no matter which direction the markets are going.

We constantly review all available US stocks and inverse ETF pairs and publish our groups each month along with individual back-tested charts for each asset in the group.

Our algorithms are the result of research and back-testing since 2011. Any discontinued stocks or ETFs in our groups should be sold on the following market open and replaced by any currently signaled buys.

Here is today's blog:

Thursday - Oct 18th 2018

IM Groups versus MIX Groups.

We generate a monthly updated portfolio of professionally managed assets that are currently held by large world-wide Investment Managers.

We then build a matching portfolio with a set of 10 ETFs, (Exchange Traded Funds) that are approximately 95% correlated with the Investment Manager Portfolios.

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Our initial group consists of 10 bullish 3x leveraged ETFs that reflect the same mixture of assets and fixed income investments which we adjust each month. We call this our IM Bull 3x group.

The above group is made up from ETFs that have Inversely Correlated ETFs that trade in the opposite direction.

Each of these pairs make up our second group and consists of 10 pairs of 3x leveraged ETFs that also reflect the professional investment managers.

We call this our IM Pairs 3x group.

It is important to note that our algorithms base their daily Buy and Sell signals, by projecting direction for the next trading day only and are then recalculated after each day.

By using these signals for the IM Bull 3x group, they tend to stay with profitable moves and get out of the position when changes are projected.

Signals for the IM Pairs 3x group, when changes are projected, they will signal a Buy for the inverse version of that ETF pair and will then tend to stay in the new position until a reversal is projected.

Our next two groups operate in the same way as the first two groups except they do not reflect any managed portfolios. They are chosen from different industries and sectors that make up a high performing and high-volume group of ETFs with few monthly changes.

The first of these two groups consist of a mixture of 10 bullish 3x leveraged ETFs and we call this our Mix 10 Bull 3x group.

Similarly, the second member of this group is made up from the same ETFs along with their Inversely Correlated ETFs which we call our Mix 10 Pairs 3x group.

Our next group is a selection of bullish performing stocks/ETFs that have a recent history of high performance which we call the Best 5 Stocks/ETFs. This group can change the most at the beginning of each month.

From all our pairs selections, we make up a list of 5 inverse pairs that are currently performing well and create the Best 5 Inverse Correlated ETF Pairs.

Finally, we have two pairs of inversely correlated ETFs that are derivatives of the VIX Volatility Index called Volatility Pairs.

We also include the VIX Index itself, although it is not available for trading except through the various derivative assets.

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