Our Focus.
The first advantage is our algorithms that determine all Buy and Sell orders after markets close each day when most information is available. We then send signals out each evening so that all trades can be conveniently entered any time before the next market open. This way, 5-10 minutes is all the time necessary to place those orders if required.

Our second advantage is the gift and benefit of 3x leveraged exchange traded funds. Combining our algorithms with 3x leveraged ETFs multiplies the advantages of both.

But there is a third advantage. Inversely correlated funds that are 3x leveraged, provides the opportunity to seek profits no matter which direction the markets are going.

We constantly review all available US stocks and inverse ETF pairs and publish our groups each month along with individual back-tested charts for each asset in the group.

Our algorithms are the result of research and back-testing since 2011. Any discontinued stocks or ETFs in our groups should be sold on the following market open and replaced by any currently signaled buys.