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Algorithms look for BUY and SELL signals every day when all information is available.
Conveniently place signaled orders any time before the next trading-day open.
Direction-seeking algorithms trade leveraged ETFs for average of less than 10 days.
Inverse Correlated ETF Pairs trade both directions, reduce risk and double profits.
Proven published results with latest current annual profits in excess of 50%.

Investing in 95% inversely correlated leveraged ETF pairs with proven algorithmic decisions, provides a lower-risk strategy trading in both directions. Unique mathematical algorithms developed over 8 years have proven performance.

Here is today's blog:
Tuesday Feb 19th 2019

Trade Length Could Affect March.

I talked about how many days we average in a trade yesterday and it may bring about some changes when we start the new month in March or April.

We normally start getting serious about changes for the next month about this time.

(blog continues below chart.)

After constantly checking and re-checking the algorithms and charts for improvements, this shorter trade length does present some opportunities.

It may be that stock trading could be re-introduced back into the system but with some definite changes.

Reducing risk has always been a main goal since the early days and the speed of the algorithms getting in and out of positions has been excellent.

However, it presents a difference when dealing with the 3x leveraged ETFs or with plain vanilla stocks that generally move much slower.

We do have some tests going and will report on them.

Meanwhile the Best 5 and Best 10 groups have switched positions as far as performance is concerned but volatility-based pairs with minor leverage continue to perform well.

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