Our Focus is Eliminating Market Direction: -

Put and Call Option contracts rely on a series of future values called strike prices together with a series of expiration dates to produce contracts based on various underlying assets. Call contracts generally set a series of contracts above the underlying asset to profit from increasing values and Put contracts generally set a series of contracts below the underlying asset to profit from decreasing values.

Leveraged inverse ETF pairs are more convenient for investing in direction.

Options were introduced hundreds of years ago in a London Coffee House, mostly as insurance on ship’s cargoes. The first ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), started in 1993 to replicate the S&P 500 Index under the symbol SPY. By 2006, companies were devising ETFs for many underlying assets and rapid growth followed as they were conveniently traded on stock markets and had lower management fees than Mutual Funds.

Next came leveraged ETFs using debt and derivatives to offer daily re-balanced contracts with fixed performance leverage of 2x, 3x and 4x.

These include 100% Inversely Correlated and Leveraged ETF Pairs.

Each 100% inverse leveraged pair has a bullish side for upside investing and a bearish side for downside investing and an equal but opposite gain and loss occurs every day. Our algorithms recalculate signals daily to determine which direction is likely tomorrow.

Algorithms together with these inverse pairs eliminate direction and keep us invested 365-days each year.