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Here is today's blog:
Monday - Dec 10th 2018

All Hitting the Fan Today.

Volatility started back up again today and the pattern we have recently emphasized wants to continue a while.

Using leveraged ETFs increases the daily risk levels substantially and followers may much prefer moving to cash temporarily. We will continue in our own accounts.

(blog continues below chart.)

It is impossible for any of us to miss our daily news but the Brexit vote in the UK and riots in France are not going away either. China also has economic troubles.

The certainty of world economies needs greater predictability and stability and day to day volatility needs to slow down.

John Harwood said it best today when he noted that everything is hitting the fan at the same time.

What we saw in our own election during September through November has evolved into some solutions on January 3 next year.

The Brexit vote in the UK was pulled today for further consideration.

Two months ago, oil was at $76 per barrel and today it is at $51 per barrel. The opportunistic fuel tax in France has been pulled but with continued riots. We also have Russia plus 4 pairs of leveraged oil ETFs and avoiding these would limit much of the daily volatility.

Chinese markets down 25% due to the tariff policy and now the arrest of the Huawei executive and family member in Canada at the request of the US.

Options values create the leverage in ETFs and the above reasons are likely why volatility is trading in a much higher range. Each problem will be resolved and options and then leveraged ETFs will return to average trading ranges.

Volatility always eventually returns to its annual average value, but it reflects uncertainty. Once we can all be more certain of the future trends, we will return to historical norms with an extra day or two in those volatility trends before changing direction.
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