10 - 100% Inverse Leveraged ETF Pairs.
This chart shows actual results - See Historical Data for actual trades in all groups.

What is inverse pairs trading?
Inverse Pairs Trading improves single sided bullish ETF trading. It does this by selling the bullish ETF and buying the Inverse ETF close to the reversal date. Normal selling of the bullish ETF would keep you out of the market during these reversals. In this way, you profit in both directions as the underlying assets go up or down.

How do you use our boosters?
Each day, subscribers are sent BUY or SELL signals for these specific assets. You should BUY and SELL after the first day a new signal is given for both the bullish and the bearish inverse ETF. Signals may be followed at any time but are best used after their first day indicating a change. Keep these ETFs in your account for as long as they have a BUY signal and sell them after the first day you receive a SELL signal.

How performance is enhanced with our algorithms.
Each ETF has a 1-year back-tested graph and chart within the group. Each graph shows the actual individual performance for the past year in red ink and the results of our algorithms superimposed in green ink.

Please review these graphs to see how our algorithms are quick to get out of reversals but improve bullish performance. Note that Inverse ETFs often perform less than their bullish ETF partners, due to the historical upward direction of market values.

Below we are showing 12 month back-tests for all above pairs.