How To Follow Our Signals

It's easy to follow the Top-10 Boosters selections! Signals arrive each evening and should be taken on the NEXT TRADING DAY STOCK MARKET OPEN.

A BUY signal should be taken the FIRST day it appears but can be taken anytime.
A SELL signal should be taken the FIRST day it appears but can be taken anytime.

How the Top-10 Boosters came to be

My experience in choosing where to invest to potentially increase wealth has spanned across Stocks, Warrants, Options, Bonds, Futures, Funds, Real Estate, Antiques and Stevengraphs. Also, I have worked with Managers, Advisors, Brokers, Banks and Casinos (I used to count cards). During those years, my annual return on investments was anywhere from a loss to about 8%.

Now that I am older and have time to commit to investing, I decided to improve on that number. I am good at Math, I know Computers and I create Algorithms, so I decided to try to make 30% with the use of proprietary Algorithms.

Today, after more than 6 years of testing, I can nearly double the annual return of an average exchange traded stock and I plan to do even better!

How to use the Top-10 Boosters

Choose your investments from our array of DOW or S&P 500 stocks or a range of the relatively new Exchange Traded Funds or a combination of all three. (I have pre-selected my Top-10 in each group and you can carefully select your own portfolio from those groups, which represent 60% or more of US Traded assets.)

Here are some suggestions for how to adjust your selections to the amount of money you want to invest:
– If you have $1,000 - $2,000 to invest, you might select a minimum of 3 Symbols (stocks) that appeal to you from news stories.
– If you have $5,000 - $10,000 to invest, you might select 3 to 5 Symbols that appeal to you.
– If you have $15,000 to $30,000 to invest, you are probably in the range of 5 to 11 Symbols in order to spread your risk.
I was once advised that anything above 11 Symbols puts you into your own unique category.

It is important to choose investments that match your Risk/Reward personality. As I said, I used to count cards at Blackjack and made a good return in Casinos both here and overseas. But then some Engineer designed automatic shuffling machines, making me happy that I had a regular career. That puts my type at a high Risk/Reward and my selection has a Top-10 page all to itself.

However, most people do not have this high-risk personality and might prefer to select a mixture from the DOW, the S&P 500 and the ETF selections. We provide the signals, but you must choose which ones to take!