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Algorithms look for BUY and SELL signals every day when all information is available.

Conveniently place signaled orders any time before the next trading-day open.

Direction-seeking algorithms trade leveraged ETFs for average of less than 10 days.

Inverse Correlated ETF Pairs trade both directions, reduce risk and double profits.

Proven published results with latest current annual profits in excess of 150%.

Investing in 95% inversely correlated leveraged ETF pairs with proven algorithmic decisions, provides a lower-risk strategy trading in both directions. Unique mathematical algorithms developed over 8 years have proven performance.

Here is today's blog:
Wednesday - Dec 12th 2018

Review the Individual ETF Graphs.

On the 5 Best Pairs page of the website, look at the first chart and graph for the ETF, OILU and notice the way the green algorithm line performs relative to the red dotted OILU actual history line.

Both start at 0% in order to demonstrate their relative performance.

The reason we call our algorithms Boosters can be seen from this chart.

While the ETF goes up to 110%, the Booster goes up to 270% and then as the ETF goes back down to minus -40%, the Booster finishes the year at 200% profit.

Now look at the next chart for OILD. While the ETF wanders down to -70%, the Booster manages not to lose money, and then as the ETF recovers to minus -20%, the Booster shoots up to 180% profit.

If you add the 2 sides of these back-tests, you have a potential 200% + 180% profit or 380% total profit. This represents the perfect buy and sell dates for approximately the last year for both sides of this pair.

If you look at current day back-test expectations for this pair on chart 1U (below), using algorithms indicates a combined number of approximately 157% + 224% or 381%. Somewhat the same as the individual back-test charts that were produced at the end of November when published to the website. Now, the actual live results can be seen on chart 1A which is sent to subscribers every evening. This shows that on the same current group since March 5, OILU produced 52% profit and OILD produced 140% profit for a total of 192%. Annually, this would be 192 x 365/282 = 217%.

Here are all the results together.
Original Theoretical Back-Test = 380%
Current Theoretical Back-Test = 381%
Actual Annual Profits = 248%

Algorithm performances = 248/380 = 65%

In this case, we are making approximately 65% of the original back-tested potential profits from this pair of algorithms when applied in real life and real time. Commissions are not included in these calculations and we use and recommend Interactive Brokers at $1.00 per trade or Tradier Brokers at $3.49 per trade.

We have no financial agreements with these brokers but Tradier offers $200 or 60 days of free commissions for new accounts using the code ROEBUCK200.

We made all the above calculations for inverse pairs trading as we built and developed the algorithms. They are deliberately designed for short-term decisions to buy or sell at the earliest market open (tomorrow) as opposed to live intra-day trading.

Hope this helps to see how the process develops over time.

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