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Algorithmic Trading of Stocks and 100% Inversely Leveraged ETFs

Learn the Advantages with our unique Algorithms.
   Trade - direction-seeking algorithms for less than 10 day average ETF trade lengths.
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   Inverse - ETF pairs trade both directions for 365 days, reduce risk and increase profits.
   Algorithms - seek daily direction for all 100% Inverse ETF Pairs and all Stocks.
   Leisurely - trades at your convenience anytime before the next trading day open.

Investing in Stocks and 100% inversely leveraged ETF pairs with 'Historical Data' proven daily algorithmic decisions, provides a lower-risk strategy. These ETFs trade both directions for 365 days. Developed over 8 years with 3 years of pre-published trades on Historical Data page.
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Saturday Jul 20th 2019
Weekends and Denominators.

Our new system results will be 25% worse on Monday due to weekends.

The sample I am showing above was only 8 days old and there is little chance of any upward movement when markets are closed for the weekend.

On the other hand, a downward move is guaranteed by 2 more days added to the 8-day denominator for a 20% hit.

I did think about using market days as the denominator in the early days but to be honest about it, I was too involved in the algorithms at that time. Besides, it wouldn’t represent the facts.

This does not take away from the enthusiasm we have for the renewed algorithms and using them in this new signaling method. The results will demonstrate these improvements.

The key to this is the speed at which we can get in and out of our positions in very volatile leveraged ETFs.

Friday Jul 19th 2019
A Look into Future Algorithms.

Maybe we chose a good day to start? I have no idea why we chose July 11, 2019 to modify our program above, but I was very sure that we had a better way.

The numbers since July 11 have been developed in the same way that we always produce and distribute signals and we expect to restart our program within the next 30 days.

As previously stated, we will bring more information to the Blog when available.

Thanks for your continued interest.

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