ETF Top-10 Booster
What does the ETF Top-10 Booster do?

The overall goals for the ETF Top-10 Booster system are to:
– Determine our selection of the Top-10 ETFs on a current basis.
– Enhance the return on those ETFs by buying and selling them at the most opportune times based on our Algorithms.

These ETF assets are extremely volatile and do not perform well in flat or down markets due to the daily costs involved by using options to provide high leverage. They will outperform in Bull Markets and should be considered by knowledgeable investors.

To achieve these goals, we base our BUYS and SELLS on unique proprietary Daily Mathematical Algorithms that review the ETFs to find the 10 that offer the best returns.

The chart above compares the annual results of buying and holding ETFs to using the ETF Top-10 Booster and these results show that the system boosts results significantly!

Individual ETF Results

The following charts provide details of each individual ETF enhanced through the ETF Top-10 Booster recommendations and are updated at the end of each month.

1 Year Backtests for ETF Top-10 Booster Trading Log

ETF Top-10 Booster Trading Log